Dr. Hung-Hsi Wu’s Homepage – bursting with math resources for K-12 math teachers. I aspire to be a teacher Dr. Wu would be proud of.

Alcumus – Like Khan Academy, but the problems are a million times more fun.

Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle – It’s a jigsaw puzzle. And a fractal.

Sierpinski Pop-Up Card – Fun art project for the kiddos.

Octopus Math – If I were to hire a math tutor, it would be Kelli.

Nerdtastic Math Tutors – Shameless self promotion.

Epsilon Camp – Math camp for ages 7-11, so much fun.

Desmos – I use Desmos for graphing purposes waaaaaaay more than my TI-89

Wolfram Alpha – “because who remembers how to integrate anyway?” – actual math professor quote

How To Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide – Hands down the best calculus study guide ever.  It’s the only calculus book you’ll need (except for your textbook)