Danielle Stanton

My name's Danielle. The Danielle if you're feeling saucy. Hi. I tutor K-12 & college math. I've got a math degree from UC Berkeley, but don't let that scare you off. You can still get me on the cheap, yo. I give the best high fives ever and my mom thinks I'm awesome. You will too. Hit me up.

See... I rock.

Math & Science are fun... No, REALLY!

Stop laughing. I'm totally serious. Okay, okay, maybe learning math, physics and chemistry isn't as much fun as, say, naked skateboarding off of the back of a golf cart, but it doesn't have to be boring. And it certainly shouldn't make you cry. Yeah, the material can be really really hard to learn, and it can be super frustrating to try to figure out on your own, and your classmates might be helpful, but they're still learning this stuff too. And professors... well, we all know about professors. That's where I come in, your kick ass tutor.

I can't take the test for you

The best way to learn math, physics and chemistry is by solving problems. So this is how it works. You bring the problems you're having a hard time with, then I do one as an example, slowly, explaining the reasons for each step, and you stop me if you're confused or unclear, and we get every step of the problem straight in your head. Then you do a problem and I help you, mostly by asking you questions if you get stuck or take a wrong turn. Then you do another problem. Then another one. Then another one. Why? Because I can't take the test for you. *YOU* have to learn the material. I'm like training wheels when you're learning to ride a bike.